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Kinseys return to the Edinburgh Fringe, the world's largest arts festival, with "The Lady Cocks of Bang Boys"

Jul 26, 2016

Last year America’s Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet lost our Edinburgh Fringinity, thanks to the generous if foolish support of several hundred fans/Kickstarter backers. Shockingly, the folks in Scotland proved to be no better judges of talent than our supporters in the US, and we were wildly popular - and now we’re coming back to prove them wrong with "The Lady Cocks of Bang Boys", a brand new show/contaminanza.
Once again we’ll be at the prestigious Gilded Balloon — this time at the much-coveted 9:30pm time slot. Advance sales are nearly double last year’s, proving that… well, actually we don’t know what that proves, but it can’t be good for Scotland. Either way, talent buyers and industry muckety-mucks will converge from around the world to attend the Fringe and to ignore us completely. Buy tickets now — you don’t want to miss the lack of excitement!
Last year, critics raved about our show:
“Wonderfully smart, politically pointed and liberating … examples of The Kinseys’ contagious brand of rib tickling abound in the tight-knit groups’s Edinburgh debut, a hilarious late-night lampoon of reality TV … Other glories tucked into the hour-long show [are] ... both clever and artfully crude … One of the great pleasures of The Kinsey Sicks is the cast’s lovably ribald on-stage alter-egos."
The London Times
“Where to start on the all you can enjoy bundle of fabulousness that is this show … they are glorious, glittery girls who have amazing voices in which they perform superb a cappella version of songs you will never remember the same way again.” 
Scotland on Sunday
“The Songs are performed with such gusto, skill and a huge sense of fun … a perfect way to end the night. Or, for that matter, to begin it.” 
The List
“An hour of jaunty high spirits performed with a handbag full of fun.” 
- Chortle: The UK Comedy Guide
★★★★ “A marvelous combination of comedy, music and incisive social commentary.”
- Ed Fest Magazine
★★★★★ “Hilariously over the top … utterly magnificent … with an act staying in my mind so prominently for this long, anything but five stars just wouldn’t fit.” 
Arts Awards Voice
★★★★ “It’s difficult to forget their lyrical parodies … all layered with strong satire.” 
- The Skinny
★★★★ “Good honest filth … the foursome inject a lot of silliness as well as some subtle political comment, and the hour speeds by.” 
The Arts Desk
Can we match that this year? Why not buy a ticket to Scotland, come see us there, and find out?

"ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION” marches through the West Coast!

Jul 11, 2016

Thank you to the righteous citizens of San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, and Lompoc, who exercised their patriotic duty by catching "Electile Dysfunction!" Next stops for the Dragapella® quartet's hilarious musical satire are Minneapolis, Denver, and Kansas City... but first: THE EDINBURGH FRINGE!

Kinseys release “ANCHOR BABY”, a biting new music video from our show “Electile Dysunction 2016"

Jul 6, 2016

Perhaps you may have noticed that issues of immigration and citizenship have become a tad controversial this campaign year? Not to worry, darlings, The Kinsey Sicks take seriously our responsibility as your primary dubious news source. And so we add our two cents worth to the debate, as Trixie, our very own child of immigrants, sings a provocative parody, “Anchor Baby”.

This new music video will surprise you

Jun 22, 2016

In an age of appalling religious intolerance, The Kinsey Sicks’ surprising and timely new music video, “Sikh to Sheik” offers a much-needed antidote that will make you laugh and move you at the same time. Take our word for it: watch it — you’ll want to share it.

Once again,

Jun 20, 2016

... we find ourselves needing to share with you our own little queer gun control anthem. We released this in response to the shooting in Charleston. Now Orlando. We’ve known too much violence, too much hate, and we say NO MORE! Please share.

New Kinsey Sicks DVD: "Electile Dysfunction 2016"

Jun 16, 2016

With love to our LGBT community: "Begoña's Song" by The Kinsey Sicks

Jun 14, 2016

We wrote this song in the darkest days of the AIDS crisis, but we feel its message is equally appropriate and, we hope, affirming today in the wake of those lost and mourning in ‪#‎Orlando‬. Feel free to share. Love MUST conquer hate. ‪#‎LoveIsLove‬

Trump's Ode to Mexico

May 17, 2016

OK, we confess: when The Kinsey Sicks penned our ironic song, “South of the Border”, we had no idea that a cornucopia of philistinism like Donald Trump would step forth to personify the vile ignorance captured by our lyrics. But we’re artists, we adapt.
And so, like the chocolate and peanut butter of Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups, or the headache and nausea of a crippling hangover, The Kinsey Sicks and Donald Trump have joined forces with a spectacularly imbecilic music video to match our dazzlingly obtuse times: “Trump’s Ode to Mexico” sung by The Kinsey Sicks.


Catch the girls on RuPaul's Drag Race!

May 11, 2016

The girls sang live at the taping of RuPaul's Drag Race Grand Finale, and if the producers don’t have the good sense to leave us on the editing room floor, you will be able to see us on Monday May 16's big show! To catch a little Dragapella® on the finale, check

The Kinsey Sicks Release 9th Album: “Eight is Enough"!

May 1, 2016

Move over, Pitch Perfect! THE KINSEY SICKS, America’s Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet for over twenty years, release our ninth album, Eight is Enough!

On Eight is Enough, THE KINSEY SICKS take on political satire in our own inimitable way. We mischievously retool Irving Berlin (“Putin in the Ritz”), skewer right-wing media (“What Does Fox News Say?”) and offer our, uh...unique perspectives on such issues as gun control (“Get a Gun”) and feminism (“Girls Like”). And if that doesn’t offend you, we twist childhood classics you’ll never hear the same way again (“A Whole New Hole”, “Pretty Sh*tty Gang Bang” and more!)

In addition to original songs penned by KINSEY SICKS co-founder and lyricist Ben Schatz, the album includes wicked parodies that re-purpose music ranging from Pharrell and Carole King to an old Shirley Temple tune thrown in for good measure. The biting satire is complemented by the customary KINSEY SICKS servings of raunch, making Eight Is Enough perfect not only for savvy listeners but for their low-brow friends and family as well. The album is performed by THE KINSEY SICKS entirely in glorious four-part a cappella harmony.

Order the Eight is Enough CD at our Kinsey Store, or for digital download on iTunesAmazon, and Google Play