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Thank You!

Jun 26, 2015

The Kinsey Sicks thank everyone who supported the Kinsey Kickstarter and the Kinsey Sickstarter campaign. These fabulous people's names are displayed here on our original fundraising page.

Marriage Equality!

Jun 26, 2015

We, The Kinsey Sicks, condemn the Supreme Court's decision to allow same-sex couples to marry because it ruins the sanctity of our song, “(Locked Out of the) Chapel of Love”. Check it out here as part of our #ThrowbackThursday (since yesterday it was still illegal).

New Music Video: "Get a Gun"

Jun 24, 2015

Earlier this year The Kinsey Sicks performed and recorded a biting new original song, “Get a Gun”, that has gotten a phenomenal response from audiences. As a result, the group filmed a video of the song late last month and have been editing ever since. Given the horrors of the Charleston shootings, the group debated releasing the video now that it’s finally ready, since the song - while clearly serious in its content - takes a sardonic tone in mocking American’s obsession with guns.
We’d be interested in your opinion: tone deaf? too soon? or just right? (If you just love gun proliferation we’re a little less interested in your opinion.)
Thank you for sharing,
The Kinsey Sicks

Kinseys in California and Washington State!

May 23, 2015

The girls kicked off their June tour in glamorous Los Angeles, then brought Dragapella@ to San Diego, Palm Springs, Sonoma County, and Seattle! 

Kinseys in Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina!

Apr 27, 2015

In our minds we’re going to Carolina. Or rather, we went there! While thoughts such as these are often the delusional byproduct of exotic fungal infections and/or party drugs, in this case the idea was non-hallucinatory, as plane tickets to North Carolina were purchased and (more improbably) venues were secured. The girls entertained North Carolinians with performances at the OUT! Raleigh festival and at the CTG Theatre in downtown Greensboro. For more upcoming dates, see calendar for details.

New Music Video!

Apr 20, 2015

Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and a cavalcade of blonde women who host Fox News are skewered in a brand new Kinsey Sicks music video, “What Does Fox News Say?” You’ll want to watch the video at least twice (the second time, pay close attention to the news feed at the bottom of the screen). Then, share with all the Fox News fans and other loved ones in your life!

The Kinsey Sickstarter!

Apr 19, 2015

After the successful finish of the Kinsey Kickstarter, donations continue to come in through our newly christened Kinsey Sickstarter campaign to help with the festival AND to fund a new and exciting project: our 9th album, “Eight is Enough!” If you would like to add to this folly, go here.Once we reach our goal, every person who contributes $25 or more will receive an autographed advance copy of the CD as a dubious thank you!

MMM… Kinsey Sicks in Maryland, Michigan, and Miami!

Apr 9, 2015

Proving once again that ignorance of geography is no barrier to a marginally successful performing career, The Kinsey Sicks just traveled to Maryland, headed north to Michigan, and then went in the opposite direction to Miami. And if you think THIS confusion was bad, wait 'til you see our show! Masochistic theater-goers are urged to check the calendar for upcoming dates!

The Kinsey Kickstarter - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Mar 27, 2015

We are SO grateful to all who have backed us - thanks to you, our presence will be felt at the Fringe!

And it’s not too late to donate! We are committed to releasing our 9th CD, "Eight Is Enough" (see our third stretch goal below), and to raising enough money to get it into your grubby little hands! Click HERE!

The Kinsey Kickstarter - THE FINAL STRETCH!

Mar 26, 2015

The girls are halfway to the final stretch goal of raising enough to release the 9th album, “Eight is Enough”! There are is less than 15 minutes left to raise the rest, so feel free to piss off your friends and ask them to help! If the goal is reached, everyone who contributes $25 or more will get an autographed advance copy! 

D O N A T E  N O W !