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The Kinsey Press Kit

"Wonderfully smart, politically pointed and liberating … examples of The Kinseys’ contagious brand of rib tickling abound in the tight-knit groups’s Edinburgh debut, a hilarious late-night lampoon of reality TV … Other glories tucked into the hour-long show [are] ... both clever and artfully crude … One of the great pleasures of The Kinsey Sicks is the cast’s lovably ribald on-stage alter-egos."
~ The London Times

"Glorious, glamorous, glittery girls who have amazing voices in which they perform superb a cappella versions of songs you will never remember the same way again."  
~ Scotland on Sunday

"The hottest ticket in town ... taking the cabaret world by storm ... voices sweet as birdsong."
~ New York Times

"Inventive...riotously funny...sublime."
~ Variety

"One of the more uniquely original (and thoroughly fun and entertaining) acts we have encountered in years... rich four-part harmony... hilarious... this is one act that should not be missed, either in person or on CD."
~ Billboard Magazine

"If you haven't made the acquaintance of The Kinsey Sicks, it's high time you did.... Uproarious... brilliant... authentically joyful."
~ Washington Post

"What proves possibly most striking... isn't merely their phenomenal vocal blend, but their astonishing ability to cross the line between harmonic brilliance and side-splitting comedy.”   

"The Royal Shakespeare Company of drag performance."
~ KQED San Francisco (National Public Radio)

 ★★★★  "It's good honest filth ... the hour speeds by."
~ The Arts Desk

"Only one a cappella group has remained steadfastly lewd, crude, and rapturously reviewed.... Legendary for their succulence, sarcasm, and style, the Kinsey Sicks can easily shock and awe unsuspecting audiences.... Rollicking.... [They] never fail to bring down the house."
~ Huffington Post

"Outrageous, marvelous, hilarious ... they're golden-throated vocalists who defy categorization."
~ Chicago Tribune

"Gloriously, proudly bad taste...gut-busting parodies and raucous shtick...high camp, unafraid, subversive...astonishing."
~ SF Chronicle

"'Dragapella,' with its political bite and raunchy, sometimes sick humor, falls on a short list of titles that would appeal to what one could call, in shorthand terms, 'The Daily Show' crowd... On this particular Saturday night, the front-stage tables included a group of retirement-aged women who looked like they got lost on the way to 'Menopause the Musical.' ... But they were laughing as hard as anyone in the room. And really, you'd have to be Pat Robertson waiting for the bus to Bob Jones University not to."
~ Las Vegas Review Journal

"Riotously funny...ferociously creative...a must-see...everyone will enjoy themselves!"
~ Time Out Magazine (New York)

"... as anyone who's seen one of the queertastic quartet's previous songfests could easily predict, The Kinsey Sicks' [latest show] makes for sixty sizzling minutes of double entendres and song...As audiences the world round will tell you, there's no more sicks-appealing foursome on the planet than the Kinsey Sicks, and The Kinsey Sicks: America's Next Top Bachelor Housewife Celebrity Hoarder Makeover Star Gone Wild! is the Sicks at their absolute sicks-iest."
~ StageSceneLA

“The Kinsey Sicks are an a cappella drag queen quartet who deliver everything you would hope and expect an a cappella drag queen quartet to deliver – and do so very well ... they have fine voices all; producing close harmonies that are rich and effective ... It’s an hour of jaunty high spirits, performed with a handbag full of fun."
~ Chortle, the UK Comedy Guide

"★★★★ Their sketches have the kind of slick dialogue we might associate with a sitcom such as Frasier, and it’s difficult to forget their lyrical parodies … all layered with strong satire.”
~ The Skinny

"As funny as they are harmonious, they have already cemented their national reputation."
~ The Boston Globe

"Gut wrenchingly funny...pitch perfect a cappella harmonies."
~ The Advocate

"Hammy, hilarious music with a message... These are four men with big hair and big voices."
~ Miami Herald

"The Kinsey Sicks dazzled a sold out audience ...The Kinsey Sicks have an original premise and sharp writing skills. There was nary a moment when the audience wasn’t roaring with laughter. The Kinsey Sicks take jokes to the extreme and they occasionally go too far, but that’s the point: to strike nerves and to jolt beliefs, all in seamless harmony. Their cleverly apt expressions and surprising puns, coupled with their contemporary pop culture references from Honey Boo-Boo to the Ferguson, MO grand jury decision, the Kinsey Sicks are not afraid to sprinkle acerbic cultural and religious criticism into their show... Impressive? Absolutely. Fiercely feminist, flamboyant, flashy and intensely intelligent, the Kinsey Sicks offer a refreshing and absolutely hilarious brand of entertainment."
~ City Revealed Magazine (Cedar Rapids, IA)

"Looking like they’d just stepped out of a saccharine-infused 50’s sitcom, the Kinseys proved that looks can be very deceptive as they sardonically satirised the jaded culture of reality TV and that vacuous modern day need that some people have, to achieve five minutes of ‘fame’ at any cost. We joined them in the jungle and followed their own reality hell, trying to succeed at challenges that involve singing, dancing, dating, dieting and large insects. Wonderfully crude and exceptionally clever parodies with intricate wordplay and performance style were served up as a capella four part harmonies that dazzled. The girls work together expertly, with fluid dialogue and seamless delivery. At times I found myself wondering if any of the vocal gymnastics were actually coming from another backing source, such was the standard of quality."
~ QX Magazine, London UK

"For connoisseurs of gender-bending comedy who find Dame Edna too tame, the Kinsey Sicks up the ante in Dragapella -- quadrupling the outlandish feminine allure while boosting it with considerable vocal skills and a grab bag of outrageous, often naughty, musical numbers... over-the-top silliness...hilarious...lyrics clever enough for Ira Gershwin or E.Y. Harburg."
~ Houston Chronicle

"Wickedly funny ... outrageous ... The Kinseys have earned flat-out critical raves."
~ Detroit Free Press

"Beautifully sung, comic and politically savvy. It was a lark with substance and the audience (and I) went wild."
~ Montreal Gazette

"Lavish! Outrageous! The Kinsey Sicks are solid comics and especially solid singers."
~ New York Daily News

"Tight harmonies the Andrews Sisters would have envied. [V]ery funny ... intelligent ... touching."
~ Boston Herald

"Sublime...biting wit...The Kinsey Sicks present some of the best tight harmonies that I have heard in a long time. They have pitch perfect doo-wop in songs that cross the line of political correctness. They have the voices and harmony of angels, but they are devilishly sinful."
~ Talking Broadway

"The Kinsey Sicks have produced one of the most joyous evenings of sharp comedic and musical material I've seen in decades."

"The Kinsey Sicks will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. These four musicians-actors-writers-composers-drag queens are wickedly gay, and man, can they sing! Completely a capella, their material is intelligent and scathingly funny. Their lyrical parodies of well known songs will have you rolling ... geniously hilarious ... excellent original tunes ... brilliant. With their impeccable timing, precise harmonies, and cultural savvy, the Kinseys represent fabulous, satirical queer humor at its finest."
~ In Los Angeles Magazine

"They do an excellent job...supremely talented...couldn't be any funnier."
~ San Francisco Chronicle

"5 stars out of 5"
~ Maryland Theater Guide

"'Oy Vey in a Manger,' a ribald, ridiculous, raunchy, decidedly R-rated romp through the best and worst of Christmas, is lighting up the Washington DC Jewish Community Center's Goldman Theater with laughs and guffaws... [I]n mellifluous voices, they harmonize and belt with the best of 'em. The Kinseys make the Glee club on Fox television with its risque teenage trysts look like a preschool.... A new and subversive holiday tradition."
~ Washington Jewish Weekly

"Unlike other drag groups, The Kinsey Sicks can really sing - and they do, beautifully. They create charming harmonies, and never lip-synch. Unlike others, their material is intelligent, very funny, and also very Jewish."
~ Ha'aretz (Israel)

"A welcome breath of fresh air.... The audience could not stop laughing."
~ Jewish Week (NY)

"Every number has its charm, and the audience swing your vote their way and stop in!"
~ DC TheatreScene

"With its razor-sharp wit and impressive vocals, the group has become a favorite of local Jewish and gay theater scenes...true ingenuity...they can also sing the house down."
~ JewishBulletin (San Francisco)