America's Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet

Eight is Enough

Move over, Pitch Perfect! THE KINSEY SICKS, America’s Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet for over twenty years, are set to release our ninth album, Eight Is Enough!

On Eight Is EnoughTHE KINSEY SICKS take on political satire in our own inimitable way. We mischievously retool Irving Berlin (“Putin in the Ritz”), skewer right-wing media (“What Does Fox News Say?”) and offer our, uh...unique perspectives on such issues as gun control (“Get a Gun”) and feminism (“Girls Like”). And if that doesn’t offend you, we twist childhood classics you’ll never hear the same way again (“A Whole New Hole”, “Pretty Sh*tty Gang Bang”, and more!) 

In addition to original songs penned by KINSEY SICKS co-founder and lyricist Ben Schatz, the album includes wicked parodies that re-purpose music ranging from Pharrell and Carole King to an old Shirley Temple tune thrown in for good measure. The biting satire is complemented by the customary KINSEY SICKS servings of raunch, making Eight Is Enough perfect not only for savvy listeners but for their low-brow friends and family as well. The album is performed by THE KINSEY SICKS entirely in glorious four-part a cappella harmony. 

Special to fans and new listeners alike, the album features original founding member Irwin Keller, who retired from the group in 2014, and the group’s newest ingénue, Nathan Marken, rounding out a majority of the bass vocals as Winnie.

"The best and most brilliant of the parodies…[are] a new high point for The Kinsey Sicks"
  - The Bay Area Reporter 

Eight is Enough is also available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play

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Price: $15

Music Videos

  1. Welcome to Our 9th Album
  2. Crappy
  3. Why the Fuck Aren’t We Famous? 
  4. America’s Next Top Bachelor Housewife Celebrity Hoarder Makeover Star Gone Wild!
  5. Unnatural Women
  6. Putin in the Ritz
  7. Get a Gun
  8. I Look Fine
  9. Dragapella Shuffle
  10. Fill Me With Your Love
  11. What Does Fox News Say?
  12. Enemal Crackers
  13. There Are Worse Things Than Getting Hurt
  14. Surprise Yourself
  15. Trampy’s Meltdown
  16. No Small Feat
  17. Girls Like
  18. A Whole New Hole
  19. Ode to a Mercy Fuck
  20. Rachel’s Hairy Confession
  21. Let It Grow
  22. Pretty Shitty Gang Bang
  23. Preach, Shout and Judge (Your Fellow Man)
  24. Why are you still listening?