America's Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet

CNN profiles The Kinsey Sicks!

CNN Politics just released a fantastic article and a special 4-minute video profile on The Kinsey Sicks and our hit election year show, “Electile Dysfunction 2016”. Featuring live footage of our recent New York performance at The Metropolitan Room, plus backstage interviews with not only the gals but also the boys behind the gals, the just-released segment is already creating a stir!


To see the piece, go HERE! Then share it widely on social media and be a part of the conversation!

(Note: the video has generated a lot of homophobic responses on YouTube. Feel free to add a more reasonable voice, and to tell everyone you know to do the same. Here’s the YouTube version:

The Kinsey Sicks Release 9th Album: “Eight is Enough"!


Move over, Pitch Perfect! THE KINSEY SICKS, America’s Favorite Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet for over twenty years, are set to release our ninth album, Eight Is Enough! The 21-song album will be released May 1. But there’s no need to wait til then — you can make a bad impulse shopping decision right now! In fact, as a bonus for people order too fast to think clearly, we’ll send autographed copies to the first fifty people who pre-order. And while you’re pre-ordering, why not compound your mistake by also purchasing Kinsey t-shirts, DVDs, refrigerator magnets, posters, picture frames or our other albums? 

On Eight Is Enough, THE KINSEY SICKS take on political satire in our own inimitable way. We mischievously retool Irving Berlin (“Putin in the Ritz”), skewer right-wing media (“What Does Fox News Say?”) and offer our, uh...unique perspectives on such issues as gun control (“Get a Gun”) and feminism (“Girls Like”). And if that doesn’t offend you, we twist childhood classics you’ll never hear the same way again (“A Whole New Hole”, “Pretty Sh*tty Gang Bang” and more!)

In addition to original songs penned by KINSEY SICKS co-founder and lyricist Ben Schatz, the album includes wicked parodies that re-purpose music ranging from Pharrell and Carole King to an old Shirley Temple tune thrown in for good measure. The biting satire is complemented by the customary KINSEY SICKS servings of raunch, making Eight Is Enough perfect not only for savvy listeners but for their low-brow friends and family as well. The album is performed by THE KINSEY SICKS entirely in glorious four-part a cappella harmony.

Kinseys Hit Midwest and Northeast in April!

In what scientists are describing as evidence of "extreme social climate change,” a powerful storm of Dragapella® is expected to hit the midwest this week, move east, and then get in a van and drive back to the midwest again.
Governors are warning residents of Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan to board up their eyes and ears, while state officials in New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland have declared an official state of cultural emergency.
People with good taste are urged to stop reading this immediately and instead alert their tasteless friends who don’t know any better. In the meanwhile, good citizens are urged to protect vulnerable children and/or Ted Cruz supporters from the disturbing and irreversible damage likely to be caused by prolonged exposure to The Kinsey Sicks.
The greatest damage is likely to be experienced by the communities listed on the Kinsey calendar, although psychologically-disturbed storm chasers from around the region are expected to drive considerable distances to witness the havoc up close.

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"Wonderfully smart, politically pointed and liberating."

- The London Times

"Funny, dirty, profound, profane, witty, filthy, but the best description is the simplest: fantastic!"

- Edge Miami

"Glorious, glamorous, glittery girls who have amazing voices in which they perform superb a cappella versions of songs you will never remember the same way again."  

- Scotland on Sunday

"The hottest ticket in town ... taking the cabaret world by storm ... voices sweet as birdsong."

- New York Times

"Inventive...riotously funny...sublime."

- Variety

"If you haven't made the acquaintance of The Kinsey Sicks, it's high time you did.... Uproarious... brilliant... authentically joyful."

- Washington Post

"What proves possibly most striking... isn't merely their phenomenal vocal blend, but their astonishing ability to cross the line between harmonic brilliance and side-splitting comedy.”   


"The Royal Shakespeare Company of drag performance."

- KQED San Francisco (National Public Radio)

"Outrageous, marvelous, hilarious ... they're golden-throated vocalists who defy categorization."

- Chicago Tribune

"Gloriously, proudly bad taste...gut-busting parodies and raucous shtick...high camp, unafraid, subversive...astonishing."

- SF Chronicle

"Riotously funny...ferociously creative...a must-see...everyone will enjoy themselves!"

- Time Out Magazine (New York)

"As funny as they are harmonious, they have already cemented their national reputation."

- The Boston Globe

"Gut wrenchingly funny...pitch perfect a cappella harmonies."

- The Advocate

"Hammy, hilarious music with a message... These are four men with big hair and big voices."

- Miami Herald

"Wickedly funny ... outrageous ... The Kinseys have earned flat-out critical raves."

- Detroit Free Press

"Beautifully sung, comic and politically savvy. It was a lark with substance and the audience (and I) went wild."

- Montreal Gazette

"Lavish! Outrageous! The Kinsey Sicks are solid comics and especially solid singers."

- New York Daily News

"Tight harmonies the Andrews Sisters would have envied. [V]ery funny ... intelligent ... touching."

- Boston Herald

"The Kinsey Sicks have produced one of the most joyous evenings of sharp comedic and musical material I've seen in decades."


"They do an excellent job...supremely talented...couldn't be any funnier."

- San Francisco Chronicle

"A welcome breath of fresh air.... The audience could not stop laughing."

- Jewish Week (NY)